Sunday, January 23, 2022

Layering Gray on Black

 Favorite Colors Layered Together

Hello everyone!  Don't you love it when you put two colors you love together and the outfit just works? Me too. And that's what happened today when I layered various shades of gray with black. 

I find that I wear these dark gray jeans quite frequently. The black and white animal print zippered fleece is so cozy and warm over a black turtleneck. And since I was still just a little cold, I added my loose and slouchy gray sweater that I purchased last winter. The final touch were my gray booties over black socks. I'm as cozy as can be for the day and so very comfortable, as well. This is the time of year for layering. Pick colors you love and see how you can layer them together for a cozy and warm look. I'll bet the colors will work well together!

I was reading that the color gray can represent neutrality and balance, intellect and compromise. Gray is definitely a neutral color and can look great with so many colors and hues. What I read cautioned against wearing too much gray in the same outfit. But, I love wearing ALL gray to achieve a wonderful monochromatic style. 

What colors do you like to layer? Be sure to let me know in the comments. 

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4 comments: said...

I love color and print and pattern so rarely wear monochromatic looks. But when I do, I usually break up a white tee and white jeans with a colored cardi or statement necklace or scarf. That being said, I really like this monochromatic outfit on you with the varying shades of gray. The pieces all work well together and you look toasty warm.

Sharon said...

You definitely look warm and cozy with your layers! I love gray as a neutral. It seems to go with any color that it is paired with. And I also like using all gray for a monochromatic style. I have a pair of gray pants that I often wear just because they are so versatile.

Karen Anderson said...

Gray is one of my favorite neutrals and I'm always drawn to it when I'm out shopping! I like this look you have created and it certainly does look cozy. We're getting more snow today on top of our 18" from last week, so cozy is the order of the day! That sweater you are wearing probably comes out of the closet often! It looks like the perfect topper for a winter day!

Iris said...

Love the outfit. I seem to have a lot of gray in my wardrobe lately - but that's okay, it goes with most everything. I especially love the outer cardigan sweater. I'd take that away from you in a heartbeat.