Monday, January 3, 2022

Winter Decor and More

 Happy Winter

Hello everyone!  Sure hope you enjoyed your New Years Day and that 2022 is off to a great start for you!  Today, I'm sharing the winter decor/vignettes I have put out around the house. And why not share the winter decor right outside my window, as well?! We woke up to snow this morning and it is so very pretty. It's the kind of snow that coats the tree branches and fence posts but didn't stay long on the roads. We did have winds that brought down a tree and left us without power for several hours but that is all resolved now. I'll be sharing a few more snow pics as well as some more purple clothing in my next post this Friday so be sure to stop by for that. For now, let's look at some snowmen!

I've actually drastically reduced the number of snowmen I have, but I kept a few favorites to display in January and February. These are two of my favorites. I also brought out my little white light tree to give a little extra light in the living room during the dreary Winter months. It really helps to make the room more cheerful to have a little extra light. Especially since the Christmas trees have been put away until next year! 

And my Mitford Snowman is gracing the little table in the dining room, along with some bottle brush trees and wooden mittens. If I could go back in time, I would have gotten the other two Mitford snowmen, but I just went with this one. Oh well. I could look on Etsy if I am really interested in more "things." I pretty much have all I can keep up with now!

I decided to go with all sparkly and snowy on the foyer table. You have seen my "Let it snow" sign before and I added the sparkly stems in a vase and an icy looking snowflake. Of course, I had to have my polar bear snowglobe as part of this vignette. And please notice the lovely mat underneath this vignette. This was fashioned and quilted by my dear friend, Sharon, and given to me for Christmas. Isn't it beautiful?! It is actually a "mug and snack mat" and is meant to hold a mug and small snack. Hope you don't mind my using it on the foyer table, Sharon. I just love it!

For now, those are the items I have used for Winter decor. I hope to create a new winter wreath and, if I do, I will share that with you. I do hope that you are enjoying these first days of 2022. Take good care and let me know how you are doing. I love to read your comments!

Until Next Time,


Sharon said...

What beautiful winter vignettes you have created! I love the Mitford snowman. I didn't realize that the Mitford snowmen existed. You know what a fan I am of Jan Karon, so one of her snowmen must be really special to own. I really like the way you used the mat! It's such a creative use of it along with your lovely winter decor.

Lay said...

I really love your winter decor, especially the little tree with white lights. We still have our Christmas tree and Christmas lights on the mantle up and ai enjoy lighting them throughout the dreary month of January. I may steal your idea for non -Christmas lights to have through the gray winter months. I also have snow babies that I usually put away after Christmas. Your snow people make me realize that I can use them as playful winter decorations, Thank you, Debbie!

P.S. I also love your mat from Sharon and your bear snow globe!

Karen Anderson said...

This is so pretty Debbie! I love your winter decor and your beautiful snowfall outside! We have not had more than a dusting yet this winter, but we usually have snow into April, so it will be coming! You are in such a beautiful location and makes a snowy day look like a painting!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks Sharon, Lay and Karen! I always enjoy sharing my Winter decor with all of you. It keeps winter a little less dreary to have some fun items and lights on display! Have a great week.

Iris said...

Love your winter decor - I left a couple of wintery things out when I put away the Christmas decorations, but yours are nice and sparkly.