Monday, October 5, 2020

Casual Fall Wear Series Part 3

 Summer Into Fall Casual Wear With Shoes

Hi everyone!  It's time for part 3 of my Casual Fall Wear series and today I'm taking summer into Fall with a wonderful striped dress paired with leggings and some different shoes. Let's get started. 

This dress was a Poshmark purchase and is a lovely, lightweight fabric great for summer wear. But by adding leggings it can transform into a casual look for Fall. Here, I've dressed up the look by adding heels. But, as you will see in the next photos, it doesn't have to be dressed up at all. 

I've added a white jean jacket for added warmth and also my Mary Jane Scecher flats, also from Poshmark. Perfectly casual look and perfect for falling temperatures, as well. 

Here's a closer look at the Mary Jane's with the leggings. I'm loving these comfy shoes and like this look a lot. 

And, finally, for a really casual look, I'm wearing my Skechers black sneakers with the outfit. These are so comfortable and are a perfect addition to a casual look for working around the house or running errands. 

Now, go look in your closet and see if you have a summer dress that would look great with leggings. Have a jean jacket or cardigan you can add? Even better. And what about shoes? Look for some fun tennies or flats to wear with your casual Fall outfit. And, be sure to let me know what you find, OK?  And, join me Friday for the final installment of my Casual Fall Fashion series. See you then!

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Sharon said...

What a great way to transition from summer to fall! I like those leggings, and I especially like the Mary Jane style of the Skechers. Skechers seems to be branching out into different styles, and that's good since that brand is usually so comfortable to wear. I'll be tuning in on Friday to see your last installment of this blog post series.

Karen said...

I like all the versions of this one Debbie! Adding leggings and a jacket to a more summery dress is a great idea. I think it helps that this dress doesn't shout "summer", due to the pattern and colors. It looks like it might be knit? I think that would work well too, almost like a tunic top. These are just very cute looks and shows how you can take one dress and make it look completely different just by changing out jackets and shoes. Great idea!!

Joy said...

It all looks very comfortable and gives me confidence to wear a new dress with leggings too. Thank you.