Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday Fashion Wearing Blue Blouse Tan Pants and New Skechers

 Friday Fashion And Fun

Hey everyone!  How about some Friday Fashion?  I'm so enjoying this pretty blouse covered with blue flowers by Lark & Ro.  The bow can be left tied or untied and is even removable which is such a nice feature. I removed it later in the day because it got in my way as I bent over taking dishes out of the dishwasher. I can remember when bows on blouses were big back in the 80's. It was a fun trend then just like it is now!

I paired the blouse with the dressier pair of Alfred Dunner pants I ordered off of Poshmark.  These are lightweight and very comfortable. Alfred Dunner is definitely a good brand for me. I'm also sporting some comfortable Skechers running/walking shoes. These shoes are called "Skech-Air" and have air cooled memory foam which really adds to how wonderful these shoes feel! Love them and they look pretty good with the dressier pants IMO. 

Here's a close-up of the shoes.  So far, I haven't gone wrong with any pair of Skechers I have purchased.  The cushioning is fabulous. 

It was a bit chilly today, so I added a long creme cardigan over my blouse which gave just the right amount of warmth. My errands today were to have a flute lesson on my teacher's porch and then go to the grocery store before returning home. Would you believe I drove all the way to my flute teacher's house and then realized I had forgotten to bring my flute?!  What was I thinking?  We have had virtual lessons for months now and it was going to be a treat to be on her porch having a lesson but, oh well!  I think my memory is going! Anyway, I went through the drive-through at McDonald's and consoled myself with iced tea and chocolate chip cookies before going on to the grocery store. So, at least that was a treat for me!

And finally, I thought you might want to see what I settled on for arranging my little chrysanthemum plants and the pumpkin I bought last Sunday.  I decided to do this little arrangement on the metal table on our back porch and moved the yellow mum and the yellow pansies onto the porch "floor."  Just a little bit of Fall decor for our back porch!

I'll be back on Monday to share some more with you.  I haven't chosen a topic yet for Monday's post so we'll all be surprised!  Have a great Friday and weekend and I'll see you soon! sure to leave a comment. Love hearing from you. 

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Karen said...

That's such a pretty blouse Debbie! It will work with many other colors, and is so feminine! I like the bows at the neck too, don't have any like that (yet), but I'm glad that style came back! Your outdoor pictures always give me a lift! Such a beautiful area! Funny story about your flute - but at the same time, wonderful that you are learning a new instrument! Good for you! We are always supposed to be learning and growing, and you're doing it!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sharon said...

I have always like blouses with ties, but having a tie that is removable is even better. And I agree that Skechers shoes are so comfy. Your festive fall arrangements with your pumpkins and flowers are beautiful! I'm glad I read your post this morning because your flute lesson story will provide a chuckle for me all day! I have done similar things in forgetting something essential. Forgetting once always helps me remember the next time though!

Iris said...

Love your outfit. Alfred Dunner is great for me too, though I don't always like the fabric. I do like what I can see of the fabric in yours. Love Sketchers too. They are definitely comfortable. And the cardigan looks nice and warm.

Your flower arrangements (and pumpkins) are lovely.
Grace & Peace, Iris

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen, Sharon and Iris for your comments. Yes, the forgotten flute was very humorous! Karen, I was thinking that the blouse bow look could be mimicked with using a scarf tied at the neck or hanging loosely on any blouse. Maybe I'll try that on a future post!