Monday, October 19, 2020

Weekend Diary Down By The River

 How To Spend A Sunny Sunday

Hello everyone!  It was a beautiful day on Sunday so the Mr. and I decided to devote our afternoon to an adventure down by the river. We found the perfect spot to sit, snap photos and enjoy the scenery. 

Ledges Park is known for attracting kayakers to the white water. There were about four out on the water when we arrived and I was able to snap some photos of this one. 

It's such a beautiful place and the Fall colors were lovely. This year's color seems to be a bit muted IMO but then, hasn't everything about 2020 been duller and less vibrant?! Why shouldn't the Fall colors follow suit! Still, I enjoy the colors no matter what. 

I caught the sunlight glinting on the water. So very pretty. 

And some lovely yellow flowers by the river's edge!

Interesting shaped tree. Lots of roots to climb over as we hiked!

This is one of our favorite spots to go to. We have been taking some type of "Sunday Drive" during Covid and this was a great choice for today. 

This was so we were getting back toward the parking area we saw a lady napping in a hammock and her dog was next to her in its own hammock and was just sitting and relaxing and looking all around. So cute!

I hope your weekend was a good one and that you have a wonderful week ahead! Let me know what you did in the comments section! I'll be back on Friday with some Friday Fashion. Until then, keep this scripture in mind as you go through your week:

"The light of the eyes rejoices the heart, and good news refreshes the bones." Proverbs 15:30

Until Next Time,



Karen said...

What a beautiful spot! Thank you for sharing your pictures - makes me feel like I was there! You'll get your fall colors I'll bet, it's been warm and is still early for the south where you live. I love the dog precious and how well-behaved the dog!!

Ruth said...

Beautiful scenery. Its my favorite. I agree with you concerning the muted tones of the trees. In my area it seems to be the same, not many vibrant colors at all.

Sharon said...

What a nice outing on a Sunday afternoon! Your pictures captured the beauty of the fall. I wasn't aware of this particular park, so now I'm interested in visiting the area as well.

Iris said...

Oh what a lovely Sunday. It looks so pleasant and relaxing. Thanks for sharing your day!
Grace & Peace, Iris

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks so much Karen, Sharon and Iris for your lovely comments. It's so wonderful to hear from my readers and know that you enjoyed the post! Hope you all are having a wonderful week!