Friday, October 30, 2020

How To Style A Cream Sweater

 Alfred Dunner Sweater and A Bit More

Hi everyone!  I think by now it's established that I love Alfred Dunner clothing. So, you probably won't be surprised that I'm styling a cream sweater by that very brand. I bought this about a year ago but haven't featured it on the blog as yet, so today's the day! I took these pics in the evening inside the house so the colors won't be as vibrant. As Miss Read would say, "I did my poor best!"

This sweater has so much to love in my opinion. The patterning, the zip up front and the sweet collar all add to my delight with this sweater. I own a red sweater in a similar style and just love it, as well. 

Now, one of the things I would like to do today is show you how to style a similar sweater with a collar using jewelry and scarves. In this pic I have added a faux pearl and diamond short necklace. The white pearls against the cream sweater adds a touch of elegance even when worn with jeans. I really like this look. Big fan of pearls here!!

Now here I've changed things up a bit by adding a red and blue skinny scarf under the collar that just hangs down without tying. This is such a vibrant pop of color against the cream background. Again, this styling would work well with a suit jacket and skirt or a pair of jeans. 

Now, you know how popular blouses with bows are right now? Well, why not a sweater with a bow?! I took a colorful, thin scarf and tied it in a bow to create a unique look for this sweater. You could do the same with a collared blouse. You're welcome! Hope you can get some ideas from this post for styling your own sweaters. Be sure to let me know in the comments what you like and what you might be willing to try, OK?

And now....for a bit more.....

Hurricane Zeta came through last night and this morning and did a job here in the mountains. It is rare that we are touched by hurricanes where we are located in the mountains of North Carolina, but this time we got heavy rains and some milder winds. We even had tropical storm warnings! Anyway, we lost power early this morning and it was out for about six hours. Here is a pic of the tree down the road that knocked down the power lines and caused our outage.  

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Sharon said...

I really like your cream sweater. It looks so warm and cozy, and the pattern on the front is so nice. And I liked the ways you styled it as well. That skinny, colorful scarf is my favorite! Is the fabric for the scarf a woven cotton or a stretchier knit fabric?

Karen said...

I would never have thought that a hurricane could reach your area, but I'm glad that there is no damage to your house and that you are safe. Shouldn't this storm season be winding down pretty soon?! Such a pretty sweater you are featuring Debbie! I love the different stitching and the color is always something I'm drawn to also. I just think it is gorgeous with the pearl necklace. Wearing it that way with jeans is such a wonderful idea. I like the look of putting really dressy items with really casual ones. And the scarves work so well too. Great idea about tying one into a bow with blouses and sweaters. It's a good way to get an on-trend look with things we already have in our closets! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Iris said...

Glad Zeta wasn't any worse for you. We had some rain & wind but not as bad as many.

Love the white sweater. Who knew you could wear a necklace or scarf with a zip up sweater?! The blouses with bows at the neck were quite popular back when I was working in the corporate world, but those darned bows always seriously got on my nerves. I do like the one you've shown with the sweater though. I may have to try that.
Grace & Peace, Iris