Friday, October 23, 2020

Friday Fashion: Black Sweater, Red Booties & A Bit More

 How To Dress For A Fall Day

Guess what?  It's Friday!  And that means it's time for some Friday Fashion. Today, I'm featuring a cozy sweater (sorry, don't know the brand), booties by Impo and my current favorite jeans by Alia. (link is similar) The booties are a true red but they look maroon in this picture. Trust me, they're red!

I think everyone needs to have a cozy sweater or two that just feels wonderful when you pull it over your head. This sweater is like that. I own it in two colors, black and maroon, and have been wearing both colors as the weather has cooled. And, even though these booties are wedges they are quite comfortable to wear and to walk in. Very sturdy and supportive. They have memory foam in the footbed which is wonderful. (similar bootie)

You can see the fabric of the sweater better in this picture. It's a soft weave with some ribbing on the shoulder area and down each side. So, even though it's a plain sweater, there is some fabric interest added. It's also long enough to cover the derriere and roomy enough to hide the tummy which I appreciate. The two sweaters that I'm describing are yet another example of something I bought and then wasn't sure last year if I liked them or not. This year, I'm wearing them a lot. Go figure! So, if you're doing closet clean-out right now and you are kind of going back and forth about a certain item, you might want to hold onto it another year and just see what happens. Like me, you may decide you like it after all and wear it a lot!

So, with the weekend coming up I hope you have something really cozy and comfy that you can wear and just relax in and enjoy this beautiful Fall! Go check your closet and see what you can find, OK? And be sure to let me know what you find and if you have some fun plans for the weekend. Now, let me share a bit more with you. 

I've been enjoying doing some coloring of Halloween type pictures recently as my creativity outlet. I got these pics from Carol over at Comfort Springs blog. She has a special subscriber's page that she adds downloadable pictures to for each season and these have been such fun to color! I've enjoyed coming up with my own color schemes for the pics. Coloring is very relaxing to me and I'm so glad that "adult coloring" is a thing. For folks like me who don't consider themselves "crafty" or "artistic" coloring is a great outlet!

And, finally, in honor of Halloween coming closer, here is a Spooky Spider that decided to take up residence outside my kitchen window. Quite the spider's web, isn't it?!  I'm afraid I don't love spiders even though I know they are a useful part of nature. This one may have an appointment with the vacuum cleaner!

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Sharon said...

Just like you, I have searched my closet for some comfy fall clothes. Since I stay in mostly, I want something that is comfy and cozy to wear around the house. Your coloring is lovely, and what a nice meditative yet creative activity!

Karen said...

First of all, you did a great job on your hair Debbie! I'm so impressed!! Sweaters and jeans are my go-to for winter (that's what I'm currently wearing) and I have too many sweaters, yet kind of need them for Ohio weather. Yours is very cozy looking, and would look wonderful layered over a turtleneck when it gets really cold! I like the texture of your sweater - somehow the thicker they are, the warmer they seem! : ) Those booties are fabulous! What fun to have those in your wardrobe! Okay Debbie, the spider....that is absolutely dreadful. Maybe they are a useful part of nature, but they make my skin crawl. I had to tab down from the picture in a hurry. I remember when I was little we used to get National Geographic magazines at home and I could never look at the insect pictures. I think I got my very real phobia from my mom who would run screaming from bugs. I don't scream and I can smash them as quick as the next guy, or head the other way. When I see them from the safety of the other side of the window here at home, I often won't go near that window again until they go away. I had a spider encounter just yesterday when I was cleaning up the yard in preparation for winter and figured it had a right to its life, so I came in the house. Yours is appropriate for Halloween...but beyond that....ewwwww!!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks Sharon and Karen! And sorry about that spider, Karen!

bonnie said...

Are those new glasses??? Love the frames! So flattering!